About the choir

Time flies…..the East Algarve International Choir now exists 11 years!

A good reason for reviewing and introducing new opportunities, such as a new repertoire and special events. Our members are enthusiastic men and women from all over the world: Belgium, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Canada.

Yksi hyvä syy meille lentää Portugaliin ja viettää talviaikaa  Taviran alueella on EAIC. Miksi. Koska meistä on hauskaa laulaa tässä rennossa ilmapiirissä ja viettää mukavaa aikaa  yhdessä muiden kanssa. Olemme saaneet niin paljon iloa ja ystävyyttä osaksemme.
Ulla ja Seppo Suomesta

Some of them are experienced musicians or singers, while others never sang or thought they couldn’t sing at all.

I like to join the choir because it gives a happy feeling singing together. I never sang before.

Meeting each other

This choir has always been a place to meet other people, make friends and enjoy singing together.

Certainly, we also love to perform, most of all for the people in the elder´ s homes in the Algarve. Our singing makes both us and them happy, especially when they join us dancing and singing in their own, Portuguese language.

The repertoire consists of songs in 8 languages, mostly traditional songs, varying from classics such as  ‘Va pensiero’ and   ‘Uma casa Portuguesa’ to ‘Hernando’s hideaway’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Mull of Kintyre’. Our members bring in their favourites, our professional musicians play and add their own musical ‘tones’.

The choir means for both of us, singing together with a lot of different nationalities, we sing Portuguese songs but also songs from other countries! And the performances we make for the people here in the Algarve! But also we make friends.
Astrid and Nicola


We rehearse on Thursday on location in Santa Luzia, a charming little town near Tavira. We can almost hear the waves rolling! After the rehearsal we usually like to enjoy a drink or a meal together, in a friendly café close-by.

This social aspect of the choir has appeared to be as important for our members as the singing itself. Singing makes healthy and happy!

Singing together…is good…is better…gives you good mood…. Geke

Feel free to visit us!

We would like to invite new members, singers with and without experience, and experienced musicians.

Feel welcome to visit us at a rehearsal. Great chance that you will join us afterwards…