About the choir

In 2013 the choir started, just a small group, conducted by Koos van Terphoven and managed by Rineke Hofman.

We are singing shanties and sea songs, in different languages. At present the repertoire is extended with traditional songs from all over the world.
We are always looking for new and inspiring repertoire. In line with this, we were very happy and  proud with our new and enthusiastic lady – conductor.

Berdien Stenberg, who ikoor-berdiens a famous flutist, started in september 2016 and   showed her professional skills as a “maestro”.

Nowadays, 2020, we are looking for a new conductor, who likes to stear us through the musical waves.

The choir is still managed by Rineke, who is also member of the choir since the beginning in 2013.  She is not the only female singer. A shanty choir normally consists of male singers….even here it is hard to find a reasonable number… and  it appeared that many women asked to become a member!

Flexibility and fun, enthusiasm and motivation are much more important than gender or education. Therefore men and women are welcome in the choir, with or without experience in singing.

A second ‘special feature’ are the musicians: the singers are supported by a diverse group live musicians every week.

After a start at Rineke’s home, we had to find a suitable location for the rehearsals, which was kindly offered by  the director of the cultural association Ãncora (Anchor), in Santa Luzia, the little unspoiled  fishermen’s village at a distance of 3 km from Tavira.  From July 2014 the choir needed a larger space, which was found at café Kate-Kero.

From March 2015 we moved to Luz de Tavira, where we found a larger location for our extending choir at the friendly café Chic Zé.

In 2020 we rehearsed in Livramento, till the Corona virus Covid 19 caused a full stop of our activities.

With a small group only, we rehearsed in the spacious hall of the frequesia of Santa Luzia, just a small group!

While singing we could almost hear the waves rolling…very inspiring!

As Corona forced us to stop in January 2021…..we try to keep singing by our own Sing along!!

In October 2021 we re-started In Santa Luzia, all members vaccinated and eager to sing!